Run everything, from one hub

Need to integrate your business operations?

Want to use technology that’s on the cutting-edge of innovation? Use our proprietary cloud-native applications to integrate across internal systems, exchange trade data, enrich product information and orchestrate information across all customer touchpoints.

Unify data and drive business value

Our software creates value across your whole business, from commerce, marketing and products to technology, operations and more. Use it to streamline your business processes, optimise product experiences and maximise sale conversions. Let our technology deliver your transformation.

Our technology stable …

Comestri is a SaaS platform ‘commerce hub’ that unifies product experiences. It offers merchants …

  • Product Information Management
  • Data Orchestration
  • Channel Management
  • Order Management

Comestri is an award-winning application built on over 10 years industry experience and proven by 130+ clients. It unifies fragmented data, enabling it to be better managed and distributed to multiple channels like eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, dropship programs, email marketing and digital asset management platforms.

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FLOW is a highly-scalable Integration Platform, with a simple interface that is fast, easy and cost-effective. Flow manages data integration and EDI transactions between internal and external business systems.

Seemlessly integrate crucial business data, whether located across different systems, hardware platforms or in the cloud applications via web-based services or built-in API.

  • Reduce operating costs & data processing times
  • Eliminate manual data entry costs & data inaccuracies
  • Automate business workflows & system interactions
  • Enhance productivity with better data accessibility

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